Who Am I?

I am a DevOps/Software Engineer with expertise in web services, cloud infrastructure, CLI tools and CI/CD pipelines. My work emphasizes the use of open technologies with clean, organized, standards-compliant code paired with heavy documentation.

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C#, Golang, Java, Bash

Experience With

Docker, CircleCI, Codeship, AWS, Sentry, Datadog, Jenkins


University of Alaska Anchorage, 2011

Bachelors in Computer Science, Minor in Dance

Served as Secretary and President for the UAA Dance Club for two years.

Danced in the UAA Dance Ensemble for two years and performed in the springtime New Dances shows for three years.


Alaska Department of Public Safety, 2011: Commendation for Honorable Service

Employment History

Senior DevOps Engineer at Vacasa, 2014 - Present

As a DevOps Engineer

  • Led the internal Vacasa “CLI-Utility” tool through multiple iterations and languages (PHP, Bash scripts, Golang).
  • Architected the local development environment into a Docker-centric model, enabling pinned versions of software to match production.
  • Designed and implemented a complete CI/CD pipeline using CircleCI, Docker Hub, and Jenkins. Deployments were managed through a Hubot application connected to Slack and gated using GitHub Pull Requests with a protected master branch.
  • Integrated centralized monitoring systems into the entire stack using Datadog, Sumo Logic, and Sentry.
  • Set up and managed a Docker Swarm Mode cluster in production, hosting multiple applications routed through a Traefik reverse proxy.
  • Participated in converting the legacy monolithic PHP 5.6 codebase into a PHP 7.1 (and polyglot) microservices-based structure.

As an Engineer

  • Implemented a new Edit Units page, converting the existing monolithic design into an MVC structure.
  • Converted the administration backend to use an RBAC hierarchical permissions structure.
  • Designed and implemented a ticket tracking system for internal IT and Maintenance tasks.
  • Implemented and trained for the use of BDD testing using the Codeception PHP testing framework.
  • After a gettext-style solution was declined, designed an in-house i18n translation system for localizing the public-facing website into various languages.

Analyst/Programmer IV at the Alaska Department of Public Safety, 2013 - 2014

Worked remotely to train my replacement for Analyst/Programmer III and secondary, teaching them the intricacies of the CoTS product I had managed. Lead training sessions twice or more a week while adding technical details on the in-house MediaWiki product that I set up for end-user documentation.

Developed a number of web products including a web-based interface on top of Public Safety’s legacy data store using ASP.MVC 4 and Entity Framework 6, as well as a Team Project List to be used as a high-level complement to Asana and Subversion.

Analyst/Programmer III at the Alaska Department of Public Safety, 2011 - 2013

Assigned as technical lead to the ARMS project, a records management system based off of the Niche RMS being implemented to replace the paper-based incident tracking system currently in use. Set up the product infrastructure, XSLT-based reports and client deployment packages including in-house update functionality using a WCF web service and a C# background Windows service.

Also developed and supported a C# interface to synchronize person records from the Alaska Public Safety Information Network (APSIN) to the ARMS application.

Assisted with Niche Technology in developing the capability for their application to support Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics that are submitted to the FBI on an annual basis for reporting. This involved the use of both T-SQL for working on the back-end report and a Python/HTML/JavaScript solution to provide a human readable interface for the statistics.

Adjunct Faculty at University of Alaska Anchorage, 2012 - 2013

Taught CS109 SQL, providing instruction to students taking 100 level courses in Computer Science. Developed a curriculum, projects and exams that challenged students to critically think about their course topic and encouraged them to experiment with advanced queries.

Taught CS201 Programming Concepts I, the entry-level class for students in a Computer Science major. Educated future programmers with object-oriented practices, inheritance & polymorphism concepts, exception handling, recursive algorithms and more.

Junior Software Engineer at University of Alaska Anchorage, 2010 - 2011

Developed and implemented the new UAA DenaliView website theme used by all department and institution pages. Created new elements and form fields within the CMS to support department content creation.

Designed and developed the UAA IT Services Call Center Dashboard, an internal web application used by all Call Center technicians throughout the University of Alaska system.

Trained university staff and faculty to use UAA’s CommonSpot CMS on their sites. Assisted with developing site workflows and organization schemas. Performed site reviews on department web sites to ensure accessibility and web standards compliance.

Technician at Design-PT, Inc, 2006 - 2008

As Lead Maintenance Technician, performed routine and special maintenance on client sites and trained new technicians.

As Programmer, developed web sites for various clients and kept those sites up to date with routine content updates.

Also acted as primary consultant on all Apple assets.